Cast and Crew

Chandler WalpoleChandler Walpole (King Arthur) is a North Carolina native, in the US. He has trained in acting at the University of South Carolina, The American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco, and the University of Kent, in the UK. Though mainly a stage actor, voice acting is always a pleasure, especially on a project like this. Fascinated by the Arthurian legends since he was very young, he hopes he can do some justice, lending his voice to one of the greatest characters of legend. He can be reached at

Olivia SteeleOlivia Steele (Anna Morgause), based in California where she was born and raised, has been voice acting 2011 and has a variety of projects under her belt. Currently, she’s going to school for technical theatre while working hard on her YouTube channel under the name AuroraGuiniverePrice.

David Kendall (Sir Ector, Dwarf Knight, various) is a former radio disc jockey aDavid Kendallnd production engineer at several small-market radio stations, where he did voiceover and skit work as well as studio production. He has recently re-entered the field of voice-acting and voiceover work, which he calls “the best job ever!”

Toddy Harold (Menw, various) has been acting for the majority of the last 5 years. Doing local community Toddy Haroldproductions and short films. Toddy has just recently started voice acting a few months ago and he is loving every bit of it and he says. “To be a completely different person is something that only voice acting can do, I love to be different people!” Glad to be a part of the team guys!

Thomas McCutchenThomas McCutchen (Sir Kay) is a Northern Californian actor, writer, and left-wing political radical. He currently resides in an undisclosed location.

Joshua Lane Kibbey (Sir Lancelothas worked on both sides of the stage for over half his life and Kibbis humbled to be working with the talented team that brings “The Table Round” to life.  He stage managed the world premier of “Flame in the Mirror” at Seattle’s Eclectic Theater. As an actor, he has recently been crucified (Corpus Christi), killed by a monster ( “Wasteland”) and murdered and returned as a ghost (Macbeth). He is also the hip-hop emcee Kibbonafide.

7989_10151896136999812_1494164589_nCathie Vargas (Guinevere) is an actress who teaches middle grade History, so being an actress in an online drama seemed only natural.  She still thinks “First Knight” was a good movie.


Jeffrey Billard (King Pelinor, Amfortas) , M.Ed. holds a Master’s degree injbillard Creative Arts in Learning from Lesley University and a B.A. in English and Journalism from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He teaches Theater at Cape Cod Community College in West Barnstable, MA and Integrating the Arts into Education at Fitchburg State University. He  has also taught American Literature & History, writing, poetry, drama, film and television production for twenty-seven years at the high school, primarily at Barnstable High School, and middle school levels. As Assistant Director of the Barnstable High School Drama Club from 1994 to 2001, Jeff was involved in over thirty productions as a director, assistant director, singer, and actor.

KerryllkjKerry Ramseyer (Malduit the Minstrel) has had a passion for performance arts since she could walk and talk, starting with performing Judy Garland songs on the fireplace as if it were a stage. Over the years, she has had the honor of landing great roles in plays and musicals including Helen Keller, Alice from You Can’t Take it With You, and she starred as Mrs. Stevenson in a stage performance of the classic radio drama Sorry, Wrong Number. It is a recent interest of Kerry’s to get into voice acting and she enjoys it tremendously. She loves being a part of the talented group of The Table Round. Kerry resides in Washington state with her husband and 4 children. Aside from acting, she enjoys playing the Irish whistle, reading to her children, and playing zombie board games with her husband, Dave.

Charlie Oldfield (Grimbald, various) Born and raised in the Yorkshire countryside, Charlie is currently English Language at university. Most of his spare time is spent shouting into microphones and trying (unsuccessfully) to seem cool. Despite his tendency to play villains, he assures us in reality he is a very lovely boy.

MaristaMarrista Stubbs (Princess Isolde) began acting in her early teens and is just starting out in her professional acting career. While she has a few small roles under her belt, The Table Round will be her first professional project. She is excited to add her voice to Princess Isolde and work with the other talented members of the cast. Marrista currently resides in  Southern California.

V__5D55 (1)Rocky Humphreys (Sir Bruce Sans Pitie’) is a repatriated chef and relapsed thespian and relishes the chance to work with old friends and new. Specializing in wacky accents, he still needs to ask for help with some of the Gaelic and Welsh words. When not acting like a crazy Frenchmen, you can find Rocky either in a kitchen somewhere as a knife for hire or online at his personal blog
Wesley Gainey (King Ban, various) is an occasional actor, former breakdancer, full-time dad, part time taco cook, and spends the rest of his time with the punk-reggae-funk-rock-fushion band Right On, Right On. Visit them at

Holly Lindin (Lady Bragwaine) is a professional singer, songwriter, producer, arranger, voice-over artist, andOphir Holly photo vocal coach based in B.C., Canada. After over 22 years of experience in the music business and having worked in L.A. with some well-known songwriters and producers, Holly found herself finally entering into the world of voice artistry and couldn’t be happier. To read more about Holly and her journey, and to see/hear her many projects, please head on over to

Tom Southern (Gawain, ep 2-13) has been voice acting for the past year, and is almost exclusively cast as a ‘bad guy’, Gawain being an exception. Previous roles include Bluebeard for The Fairy Tale Waltz, L4n-X’s Birder and Nathan Oliver in ‘So you Know’ by 4th Starvelling. Tom is based in London, and he works as the Parliamentary Assistant to a member of the UK Parliament.

Music Credits

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Fortunes Wheel
Lyrics- Alfred, Lord Tennyson
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