Casting- Auditions

“The Table Round” is always looking to find talent to voice the Cast of Thousands that populate our epic tale.

These audition roles are generic, with standardized lines. Have fun with them. If you are inspired to do multiple wildly different takes, feel free. Show us what you can do.

Any accent should work with any character. The series is largely “accent blind” except for some specific characters.


  • Line 1:
    “Nothing like three days riding through the rain, sleeping with a rock as a pillow to make you appreciate the simple things like a mug of cider and a warm fire, eh?”
  • Line 2:
    “Because of the laws of chivalry I had endured your insults, but no more. Draw your sword sir, and let us settle this!”
  • Line 3:
    “(battle cry) “Draw your swords men! We ride, for Arthur! For Arthur!”
  • Line 4:
    “My lady, I do not have the minstrel’s honeyed tongue, but when you enter a room it is like the spring, bringing warmth to winter.”


  • Line 1:
    “This is not the time for combat. Put away your shiny sword for a moment and think.”
  • Line 2:
    “I might look a frail women, but I swear to gods old and new that if you come near me again, one of us will die!”
  • Line 3:
    “He who holds my heart must win it every day. And when it is won, then it must be wooed and won again.”
  • Line 4:
    “I swear, if I have to weave one more shirt I’m fleeing Camelot, painting my face blue, and going to join the Picts!”

MALE or FEMALE- Knave/Serf

  • Line 1:
    “I’m not certain I trust that cow. It has a nasty look in its eye.”
  • Line 2:
    “It used to be you couldn’t walk to the well without some bandit trying to kill you. But with King Arthur on the throne I hear a virgin girl can walk from here to Londinium without an escort safe as can be.”
  • Line 3:
    “Now you’ll never catch me gossiping, but yesterday morning I saw none other than Sir Lancelot racing across the courtyard in nothing but his undershirt, may the Lord strike me down if I’m lying!”


Please submit all lines for a role as a single mp3 file. If you do multiple takes or voices, keep those in the same single file for each role. Name the file like this

  • LastFirstRole.mp3
  • ex: GarlandJudyDamosel.mp3  or FlairRicKnave.mp3.

Please email the mp3 to with the subject line:

  • Audition Last, First
  • Ex: Audition Burton, Richard



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