The Table Round- Chapter 23

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Featuring “Moliant Arthur” by Karen W. L. Han

Karen W.L. Han is an optometrist who graduated in 1996 with a BSc.(Hons.) from The City University, London.  Her works include the non-fiction Arthur the God (2017) with Hank Harrison (The Cauldron & The Grail, 1994), and the forthcoming YA fiction books Shard and The Last Spellweaver with Kimberly Stass Brodick. She is a single mom and lives in Singapore.


The Table Round- Chapter 19


direct download “How Gawain Came to the Green Chapel”

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Narrator…      Nicola Branch
Gawain…        Joe Newberry
Green Knight…    Rich Matheson
Malduit…           Kerry Ramseyer
Boswell…         Andrew Stubblefield
Howell…          Brian Dembrowski
Woman…       Diane Hurtado
Guinevere…       Cathie Vargas

Fortune’s Wheel” Theme by Nicola Branch
Glad New Year” Theme by Nicola Branch

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Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Table Round” insignia by Landon Beall