The Table Round- Chapter One Remastered

Chapter 1ver3

Direct Download of a special remastered first chapter.

“Arthur’s First Battle, and How He Won The Field”

(right click “Save As”)

The new official “Table Round” logo is designed by Landon Beall

Narrator…      Nicola Branch
Arthur…        Chandler Walpole
Merlin…        Blair Palmerlee
Kay…           Thomas McCutchen
Anna Morgause… Olivia Steele
Ector…         David Kendall
King Ban…      Wesley Gainey
King Lot…      Greg Clancy
Cormack…       Seth Binderup
Knight…        Charlie Oldfield
Handmaiden…    Gail Wamba

“Fortune’s Wheel” Theme by Nicola Branch
Virutes Instrumeni Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Opening verse from “Excalibur” by Sallie Bridges, 1864

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